View Full Version : Olympus C-770UZ Conversion Lenses

10-22-2004, 03:59 AM
I've just upgraded to a new C-770UZ from my mju-400 for obvious reasons ~ want of more controls/zoom and ability to share batteries/xDs with my mju-400 (now a backup). The Panas FZs are just too big to lug around on trips, and I use a tripod even for my little mju, so stabilization is not an issue.

While browsing through websites after websites (and forums after forums) on the C-770UZ (BTW, I never bother to visit Olympus official websites), I came across conversion lenses for the C-7xx series by Olympus (TCON1.7X and WCON0.7X) which extends the range for the 770. Further browsing brought on lenses by Raynox (very nice range) into the picture as well.

Now the question is:

How good are these lenses in terms of optical distortion, chromatic aberations, vignetting, etc?

There doesn't seem to be anyone doing testing/reviews for these products.