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02-10-2006, 10:59 AM
due to all of my research

it is my understanding that the sigma HSM focuses quicker than the Nikon non AF-s???

a sigma 70-200f2.8 apo Dg HSM is around $1200
and the nikon 80-200 ED is $1300???

for indoor hockey quick focus is key, so would the sigma be better in this regard with the SLIGHT optical edge to nikon?

damn NAS!! im even thinking of trading my sigma 18-200 DG in and getting the Nikon 18-200 VR....till i make a higher performance decision

is the 18-200 VR ALOT better than the sigma??? $600 more??
and the VR will not help in the least for lower light shooting correct?


02-10-2006, 11:26 AM
I have not seen any comparisson between the 18-200 DC and the nikon 18-200 VR.

But, the results of the 18-200VR are not spectacular, so I doubt that optical performance is worth an extra 400$. But, to some the VR and AF-S is worth that.

Does the Sigma 70-200 HSM have an optical edge to the Nikon 80-200?
If you can, go to a shop to test them out in focussing and handling, then just choose the one you are most comfortable with. Both lenses have a good rep.