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10-21-2004, 02:31 AM
first of all, i apologize for my english, i'm italian...

i'm in japan, and i had the occasion to buy it one months ago. since then i've done some photos, and taken it almost everywhere :)

looking at it, it is really beautiful. it is very little and very light..
the 2.5 inches screen works rather well, also under to the sun. there is one function "power LCD" that it improves the vision in critical conditions, increasing the contrast. it is fluid in the movements, and obviously optimal in the playback of the photos (It's nearly worse to see them in the screen of old notebook that I am using here).
it is obviously a point and shoot. therefore no manual controls, excluding exposure compensations (with also a bracketing function ) and the white-balance.
What disappointed me is the lack of a spot metering system. In the photos with great contrasts of brightness (backlighting, on all) the two stop of control on exposure might not be sufficient...
the "megaOIS", the antivibrations system , works pretty well... up to 1/8 of second is practically shaking-free (using the widest part of the zoom); i made some tests and the effect is rather clear.
the lens seem to be a good quality one, no distortions and losses of detail also the chromatic aberrations seem some to be held quite well. at least for what i could have seen.

other negative notes:
- duration of the batteries: a second battery is essential to handle a full day of photographing.
- noise: perhaps also this is a hurting point... i think that exists on the market cameras more efficient from this point of view, even if with OIS system one can manage the noise problem working with lower ASA equivalent.
the problem is quite clear qith night shots, but also "normal" poor light conditions let it appear

well... it is a bit confused set of data, but if you have more questions, i'll be happy to answer you...


10-21-2004, 07:57 AM
Thanks for sharing your short experience with this tiny DC.
It would be great that you post some sample shots.

10-24-2004, 10:35 PM
Thanks for sharing your short experience with this tiny DC.
It would be great that you post some sample shots.

there are some resized picture
here (http://photos.yahoo.com/andrea_cravotta)

bye! :)