View Full Version : Silkypix built-in noise reduction

Norm in Fujino
01-17-2006, 07:48 AM
High ISO noise is said to be harder to control in dark areas--actually, I think it's hardest in fuzzy OOF gray areas, but whatever.

For a long tme I've gotten excellent results using Neatimage, but I've finally begun to figure out Silkypix's built-in NR parameters, and I'm finding they produce very nice results. Here's one from tonight (RAW + Silkypix).


Yes, it's downsized so you'd naturally expect some reduction of noise, but the noise difference visible in full size and reduced versions is truly inconsequential--for ISO 800 it's quite clean even in its full-size version.
Sharpening was performed after resizing.

Oly E-300 + ED50mm f2 (f2 @ 1/50s), ISO 800, white balance preset 3000. Silkypix native NR.
(This exercise is further evidence for me that proper WB is crucial to getting good NR results.)