View Full Version : Happy new D50 Owner

01-09-2006, 12:04 PM
A week ago I invested in this fine camera and I am veeeeeeery happy with the results, I used a Canon AE1 and a EOS XSN, for the price, Nikon offered the best camera :) So i decided to make the transition! and I dont regret it :)!

The camera produces beautiful images I had not touched anything (only black and white conversion with channel mixer) and this is a big change cause I used to had a powershot a85 and almost every image needed post processing :) and the detail that the D50 delivers is simply breath taking!!!

I would like to know if you can hand me please some advices I am not new to SLR or manual photography but very new to DSLR photography :) thanks a lot :D I mostly do portraits and objects as my subjects :)!!