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10-15-2004, 06:03 AM
I've been trying both Realviz's Stitcher (using 3.1, it came free on my Macformat magazine) and Arcsoft's Panorama maker (there demo is pc only).

I found that you need to manually move and stitch each photo together with this, while this has some benefits its rendering engine doesn't do a good job. I spent some time up in New Hampshire this past weekend and took some pictures of Indian Head. Here's the example of stitcher and has you can see the some of the foilage is a tad blurry as is the sign. No matter what I did I couldn't get it merge correctly. Plus the black borders.
Stitcher (http://homepage.mac.com/maflynn/IndianHead_RealViz.jpg)

As for Panorama maker everything is automated and the app produced a good panorama.
Panorama Maker (http://homepage.mac.com/maflynn/IndianHeadMedium.JPG)

While this produced great results I had virtually no control.
Are there any apps that kind of go inbetween , some control but its rendering engine can merge the two. Are there any plug-ins for photoshop that do as good/better?
As you can probably see from my comments above I use a Mac, so that would need to be a consideration.

Your input and recommendations will be helpful to this newbie :)