View Full Version : Casio EX5500 problems

01-02-2006, 05:10 PM
Hi, I got a Casio EX-5500 digital camera this Christmas, and it is already giving me a few issues, which I believe are partly my fault. A couple of days ago, I was walking around my snow covered yard and without me noticing, my camera fell out of my pocket. I did not realize this until about 45 minutes later, when I went back out and got it. It was sitting in the snow, a bit wet. I tried to turn it on, every thing was normal, but when I turned it off, the lens only retracted about halfway then it made a funky noise. I pushed the lens in with my fingers, and then turned it on. It now worked, opened and closed the lens. But today, a few days later, it is doing the same thing again, but I have not dropped it since. Any body know whats going on? Has this happened to anybody? And finally, does anybody have any idea how much it would be top fix?

Thanks, Connor