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01-01-2006, 05:18 PM
I just bought Pentax ist D2, 40mm F2.8 limited, Zoom 16-45mm F4 ED AL and my 1 GB kingston Ultimate 133x.
40mm F2.8 work very well in less light, but not the 16-45mm. the 16-45mm work great out side, more light. the build in flash work wonderful less than 12 feet. Slow writing, slow AF, but it is fast enough for me. It fit my personal use perfectly.
Pentax Photo Browser 2.1 and Pentax Photo Laboratory 2.1 worked great.
Ist D2 locked the Image Tone in Image record mode I can not set picture Mode to Natural tone mode and even WB, I have to shoot raw than use Laboratory soft ware to adjust or edit photo. It worked great though.
Pictures turned out great, skin tone, color like natrual skin tone, my kids of cause.
Great viewfinder I can use it without my glass on, that is the plus. Shotly say, I loved this Pentax ist D2.
here I need help. I love to take portrait photo, is any one can give me or tell me What kind of Pentax lense is good for it?
SMCP-FA 77mm f/1.8 or SMCP-FA 85mm f/1.4 ? SMCP-FA 50mm f/1.4 ? how about SMCP-FA 43 mm f/1.9 limited ?
This is my first SLR Digital Camera !
Thank you very much if any one can help me.

01-02-2006, 04:31 AM
I would suggest the 85mm f1.4 (equivalent to 127mm) as this will allow you to get further back & throw backgrounds out of focus; it is also nice & fast for indoor use.

On the subject of RAW converters, in addition to the Pentax PhotLaboratory which is supplied free with the camera, also consider:

Bibble, RAW Shooter Premium, Capture One Pro, BreezBrowser & the RAW converter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS which all produce different results although my preference is still PhotoShop CS.

Attached image shows both Unprocessed i.e straight out of converter with minimal adjustment to image quality & Processed i.e Image Levels, Shadow/Highlights & UnSharp Mask Applied.

Full size image can be viewed here:http://www.catbells.plus.com/Utilities/Comparison.jpg

01-04-2006, 11:03 PM
Thank you very much for your help.
Bhphoto is in back order for this lens(85mm f1.4.)