View Full Version : 'Easy Photo Print' Pic Opening Problem

12-23-2005, 07:23 AM
I do a quick check of photo quality by clicking on the file name with the SD card in the reader. This opens the photo in Windows Picture and Fax viewer.

Right clicking the photo gives me an option to "Open With". When choosing Adobe Photo shop Elements the program opens with the photo showing. Very easy sequence.

Now comes the problem: If I choose Easy-Photo Print an error message pops up: "' 'C: picture location' is not a valid Win 31 application"

Must then open Easy-Photo Print and then browse for the photo file. Seems not so easy for me.

What is your method of checking quality, editing and printing of photos?

Windows XP, FZ30, Ip5000 Canon printer.



PS Gene said he used Easy-Picture Print. That is why I am trying that program. Just do not have the procedure down pat