View Full Version : My D200 is here (sort of)!!!

12-21-2005, 03:31 PM
My D200 is sitting at Samy's.:D :D :D As soon as I finish a few things up, I'm off to pick it up. The 18-200 didn't arrive, so I will have to get a different lens. :( I know I'll be picking up a 50mm, f1.8.

I'm also thinking about a 35mm f/2 or a 60mm micro.

C'mon compiler. Finish already!:eek:

Now that I'll have a camera again, I guess I'll have to set up an online account somewhere so I can post some pictures.


12-21-2005, 11:09 PM
Congrats on the new camera. I'm looking forward to your pictures and your comments on it.

12-22-2005, 08:41 AM
Well, I picked up the camera. But I haven't had time to do more than take a few snaps and play a little with the controls. We had "holiday obligations" to take care of last night, so I didn't get to play. Today there's the work thing. Maybe a little bit tonight, but there's still so much to do.

I'm nearly 6 months removed from handling my old D70, but my first impression of this camera was how much more solid it feels. Also, I don't think anyone will be losing the cover over the PSJ (power sucking jumbotron). The camera defaults to not show a picture immediately after taking a photo (why do they call it a preview????), which is probably a good thing, but I turned it on for the time being.

The battery was a little less than half charged when I opened it up. I fired off a few shots in the store, then outside and later at home, but then put the battery on the charger overnight.

I kept hitting the DOF Preview button in the store, particularly when picking the camera up. The guys in the store said it was the MLU button, which didn't sound right, and I confirmed later what it was. I seem to remember that the DOF Prev. button was sort of out of the way on the D70. It will definitely be easy to find on this camera.

You can pick this camera up with your left hand. The left side of the body isn't any larger than on the D70, but the texture and the wart (remote cover) give a good grip on the camera. I learned not to do this with the D70, because it was so slippery I knew I would eventually drop it.

The popup flash uses two buttons instead of one, combined button. That's nice. The flash arm mechanism seems built a lot lighter, probably because they needed the room for the bigger viewfinder. The vf is much bigger than the D70, but not the picture window I had on my Canon A-1. Still, I tried focusing in indoor light, and I was able to, which was confirmed when I realized that the focus light was on in the viewfinder. Frankly, I initially forgot to look at it, and was concentrating on the image. I haven't played with the diopter adjustment yet, but I can see the entire vf with my glasses on, though I do have to set it to my face just right.

My wife and I were impressed by machine gun mode, Ch, though I still think they should add 50 calibur sound. :eek: I'll probably only rarely use it in that mode, but it's pretty cool. It's a bit odd not having a dial with the PASM settings. You press the mode button and the rotate the main command dial. I was looking for S, until I realized I had passed it as some squiggle I did not recognize. The PASM values on the upper LCS and somewhat stylized. Knowing what they are, I'll recognize them, but the S is not initially recognizable as an S.

I had already taken a few shots by the time I figured out changing the quality settings (which is pretty lame considering there a button for it in plain sight). I pushed it up to RAW:Large Fine JPG. 88 shots remaining on a 2 GIG card. Yikes. Those are big files. At that rate, I won't have to worry about battery life. I only have 2 cards, so I won't be able to get to the end of a battery without offloading the files to a computer or my iPod. Of course, I won't always keep it at that setting. Not sure what I'll settle on as my main shooting setting.

The 18-200 has not arrived yet, so I got a 50mm f1.8 and the 35mm f2. I wanted the 60mm micro, but they didn't have one. I haven't even put the 50 on yet. That 35 is a sweet little lens (Thanks for the recommend on that George). I was seriously eying the 85mm f1.4 AIS they had (used, for about $550), but I was already above my spending limit. They also had a used 70-210 f4 for $229. That one was hard to pass up, but one must, occasionally show a little discipline, and I will have an 18-200 soon.

I haven't even had the card out of the camera yet, so I don't have any pictures to post. Besides, the stuff I've shot so far is all junk, just quick snaps while I see the effects of changes to settings.

Rhys, you can rest easy. This camera's way heavier than the 350XT, so I'm sure you won't want it. I'll somehow get by. ;)

I've just started into the reference section of the manual. It's set up the same as other Nikon manuals. Fortunately, that's light years ahead of how the flash manuals are set up.

I did get a lesson from the camera. I you put the lens focus selector on manual, the lens will not autofocus, and with the short throw of a little lens like the 35mm, you may not notice. Gee, I wonder why these pictures are fuzzy???? Duh!!! :mad: (mad at myself, that is). :o


12-22-2005, 09:39 AM
Thanks Eric. We will live vicariously through your experiences, as, for me, it will be at least spring before the bank account might allow for a D200.

Glad the 35mm f/2 worked out. To my own surprise, I have actually been using mine more than the 50mm f1.8.

12-23-2005, 12:45 AM
Well, I spent a little time today getting used to the camera. The mirror lockup works great. I put the camera on a tripod and turned all the lights off except those on the tree. Set ISO 1000 and f22 on the 35mm lens, for about a 5 second exposure. Press the shutter once. You hear a snick as the mirror raises, then another as the shutter opens (30 sec later), and then a clunk as the shutter closes. I had trouble getting a good white balance in camera for that, so I turned a light on in the room and took another photo using the same procedure (shorter duration, obviously). I was able to get a white balance preset when I could actually see what I was doing.

I'll try and post some pics tomorrow. I'll have to set up a hosting account somewhere. I think I have some space with my ISP, but I'll have to check that out.

One problem I did have is either in Capture 4.4 or the Epson R1800. I got a 1/2" band at the top and bottom of NEF prints (2 different files, same result) on 8x10 heavyweight matte paper (borderless). I got the same band at the top only on 8.5x11 premium glossy paper. The top band has a yellow cast, and the bottom band (on matte only) has a lack of yellow. None of this can be seen on screen, either in capture or in the print preview of the printer driver. I printed a jpg from Capture using the same settings on the glossy paper and there was no discoloration band. I have messages in with both Epson and Nikon Support.