View Full Version : Nikon D1 lens help

12-20-2005, 02:22 PM
Hello all, I just baught a used Nikon D1 from Adorama. My father has some non AI lenses that we tried on the camera and they seemed to work in manual mode. However being ignorant to the fact that the manual says you can't use non AI(pre 1977?) lenses on the D1 I was wondering why and what would happen if you did? I went to the local Ritz camera store to see if I had done any damage to my D1 by testing out some nikon af lenses - it seemed like nothing was wrong but I'm not sure if I may have shorted out something or messed up the metering system or the focusing or what have you. Can anyone please tell me if I have seriously messed up my D1? Thanks,

- Mike