View Full Version : FZ20 shutter lag

10-10-2004, 06:21 PM
How is it, really? Under varying applications, like right after zooming, or making other adjustments? I shoot musicians in low or badly colored light from afar (no flash allowed), and as they move, my Olympus 10X is too slow to execute the shot when I click (not to mention the lack of stabilizing...).

Huge thanks to Messrs Keller, Zim et al for the timely and exhaustive info here and on their sites!!!


Jim Zim
10-10-2004, 07:38 PM
As long as you make a habit of preparing the camera for the shot by depressing the shutter button half-way when you've got it all lined up... there is almost no lag to speak of. There has never once been a time when I've been "burned" by the shutter lag on the FZ20... and believe me, I've been burned by a couple of my previous digitals.

Of course, if you don't depress the shutter button half-way first... and you just try to fire off a shot instantly... you will notice some lag time. But this is true of all digital cameras, I do believe.