View Full Version : Wrong Exposure Mode

Geoff Chandler
12-05-2005, 08:11 AM
Whilst on holiday I had been taking various photos (as you do).
I had decided to use center weighted for a while, centre spot I felt was to
tight, I had taken some portrait pics, but now I was back in landscape mode
and I had forgoten to change back to multi-segment.
This is something I won't do again as the result dissapointed my poor wife
when she took her photo and it didn't come out as she expected!
Attached is a before and after - luckily I was able to tweek the pic
when I go home. - We were too busy enjoying the location and
conversation to be bothered with faffing around re-taking and adjusting, !!
besides - it might not have worked as I had forgoten about the centre
weighting setting - it was only that evening hat I remembered.