View Full Version : Buying the D200 and the 18-200

12-04-2005, 01:06 PM
I got on the bandwagon fairly early and prepaid for my D200 and lens combo. The D200 was at the typical price $1699, but the lens was $899. Of course, I thought that was a bit high, but I paid up front to reserve my place in line. The store I went to was Samy's Camera. Their policy was that those who pony up the full price get to be at the front of the line.

Well, I've discovered that their local competitors in the area are charging about $750 for the lens, so yesterday I went to Samy's and did some arm twisting. They were willing to come down to 760, and that's reasonably close to $750 (along with keeping my position on their list), so I'm happy with the result.

The other store I specifically visited was Calumet. They are charging $750 for the lens, so there's no question, but they already have over 50 preorders at just their store. However, they don't expect to be getting many or possibly any lenses early.

Samy's in Santa Ana is having a Nikon day next Saturday, but they don't expect to have a D200 or 18-200 there. Oh well. I may drop in anyway, just to pick the Nikon guy's brain a bit.