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12-03-2005, 06:34 PM
I am a professional who loves my electronics. Whether it is my digital Nikon, or my 12 remote controls, or my phone battery backup (as well as all the cordless electronics around my computer), I found that I was needing to buy a great number of alkaline batteries and that even buying them at significant discounts, still was costing a great deal. I had once tried NiCad batteries, and besides the fact that they are toxic to the environment and finicky, they never lasted very long between charges and just were unsatisfactory. I did my research (which I have a propensity to overdo, and discovered nickel hydride battery technology, which improved nickel cadmium technology many times over. After all, I do want to protect the environment by not throwing as much away and trying not to put any more toxicity into landfills, and I do like a bargain like most people, I researched the best battery buys for Nickel-Hydride batteries and the clear winner was Powerizer sold on Battery Space, for both price and technology. Figure it this way. If the Battery space AA battery cost $1.25 and an alkaline costs $.25, it takes only 5 charges to break even and the other 95 plus charges are free. The nice thing about current nickel hydride technology is that the batteries they now produce last as long as an alkaline between charges. The fact that they can hold more than 2000mh (the last ones I got hold 2300 mh), is the reason why they last so long. As they say the proof is in the pudding, and to date, I have purchased over 100 batteries, between AA & AAA size and I have only had one battery failure to date. The other thing I really like is their customer service. When I place an order, it is shipped remarkably quickly and professionally. I have checked out many other battery sites and find battery space to clearly be superior. The other point I want to make is that they sell the best technology at the cheapest prices and you can't beat that! The only thing that they could improve on is their shipping charges, which are certainly less than e-bay charges but which add to the price you think that you pay. Perhaps they should increase the price of the batteries by a tiny fraction and then offer free shipping over say $50. In addition, it also bugs me that if you know certain codes like putting “batteryspace” in as the promotional code, you save an additional 5% but if you don’t know it you are out the 5%. I always hated sites where other people who knew the “secret” could pay less than me. But I think if you have read this carefully, then you also will get the extra 5% off. They currently are offering free shipping on the 24 order of AA batteries so that this is a golden opportunity to purchase these batteries and avoid my pet peeve. One other thing…you will have to invest in a good battery charger. Some of the battery chargers on BatterySpace.com are very good chargers and some are just okay charges. Buy enough batteries so that you do not need a quick charge as a quick charge does not completely fill up the battery but can leave more than 10% uncharged. This can be a pain when you have had a full day with your digital camera.