View Full Version : Read errors

11-28-2005, 03:32 PM
For whatever reason I am not able to drag and drop pictures from my hard drive onto any media in a card reader. I have smart media in a Zio reader and XD in a lexar reader. The files appear and open just fine on any computer I put the readers into (showing up as the E:drive) but upon taking out the card and putting it in its respective camera or taking the card to a kiosk for printing the camera or the kiosk both cards give an error or find no images.

Also if I open a card on a computer and edit an image and then save it to the card the image generates an error when attempting to view the altered image in a camera or kiosk............just as though there is nothing on the card.

Put the card(s) back in their readers and then the computer and viola....there are the pics.

I have to use a floppy disk to transport my images from home to a kiosk.........no problem there.

Any help here??