View Full Version : Olympus Stylus 300 quick battery question...

11-28-2005, 03:55 PM
Hey, I bought the Olympus Stylus 300 a few months ago, but can't find the battery for it so I have to by a new one. I see the OEM LI-12B battery on sale for $28.64 at Amazon.com but I see "compatible" LI-12B batteries on sale from what appear to be reputable E-Bay sellers for $9.99 or even less. Is it better to just get the OEM or am I fine with the compatible one? Will the compatible one charge in the charger I received in the box with the original camera? Let me know, thanks!!!


David Metsky
11-28-2005, 04:05 PM
Also try the regular stores (B&H, NewEgg) for replacement batteries. I find those places more reputable and reliable than random folks on EBay. But they should work in your charger no problem. I bought a knock-off for my Canon NB-4L and it works just fine at half the cost of OEM.