View Full Version : Another Very Positive FZ20 Review

Jim Zim
10-08-2004, 06:26 PM
Steve's Digicams:

By the way, congratulations Jeff on beating Steve by a week!

10-09-2004, 04:08 PM
I don't like steve's reviews.. I disagree with him very often....

for example on fz20 review "...It is small enough to be considered a "compact super zoom" " I think it is not big as a digital slr.. however not a compact camera for sure

"There was also an average amount of chromatic aberration (purple fringing on highlights) in high-contrast areas, however it is quite a bit less than when compared to other "super zoom" models in this price range" In my opinion seems to be not affected by purple fringing.. there is really a bit of purple but not average...

"Our outdoor images were consistently well-exposed" look at these pictures (took at the same time by Jeff) the first fz20 the second canon 20d.. i think is obvious that fz20 has some exposure problem...


another quote "Noise levels were average in high and low contrast areas, but you can only see this noise when looking at a 100% enlarged image. This is something that most users will not see, especially when printing the typical 4x6-inch print." noise levels average??? are above average!! something that most users will not see... mmmmh if you look a picture like the above.. even if resized the sky will always be full of noise....

And finally i want to notice that he wrote "the DMC-FZ20 incorporates many of the features like the Leica 12x Mega O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer) zoom lens found on its predecessor the DMC-FZ10, but adds more resolution with a 5-megapixel imager, a lossless TIFF quality format, a focus-assist lamp to aid its AF system in low light, and increases performance with its Venus Engine II LSI image processor"

but why 5 megapixel, why tiff quality if we look not at full size, and we must print 4x6? the image processor is really better? I have a lot of doubts on fz20.. I still consider fz10 the top... less purple fringing and an assist lamp would have been a good upgrade.. but that's not the way...