View Full Version : Outside with Flash help

11-27-2005, 06:32 AM
Looking for some advice on using the flash outdoors in daylight. I am shooting a D70 with SB-600. I really love this flash for indoor pictures. I am using a homemade diffuser/bounce, and am thrilled. Haven't quite figured out the outdoor stuff.

Yesterday I was shooting my wife and I around 4:30 pm. Partly cloudy, with the river in bg. The flash was way too harsh for our faces. I attempted to rotate the flash to 75 degrees to soften it. That didn't work like I thought it would. I also dropped flash output on the flash by -0.3, -0.7, -1.0. That helped, but the coloring was still not very flattering. I tried using spot metering also. I was able to get maybe one image I like, but it will take some editing to get it right.

Any ideas appreciated as always! :)

11-27-2005, 07:34 AM
From what I have read the best option for this is to use something like a Flipit diffuser.


This will bounce the light rather than just flash and diffuse. You can angle it how you like and tilting it backwards slightly should help to lessen the overall bounce of the light.

Other than that it might require some kind of large box diffuser to spread the light more evenly and less harshly. You could also try using a reflector to reflect natural sunlight back onto the subject thus negating the need for a flash.

I am not a pro so this is only from what I have read up on thus far. Hope it helps.