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10-08-2004, 03:54 PM
Isis in distress!!!

I got it. I got my FZ-20!

I've only taken a couple of pics with it and will practice a little more tomorrow, but on Sunday I'm going to the air show and I need any advice you experienced photographers out there can give me about settings for getting the best shots of the show. I like continuous focus mode so I can track moving subjects. In the past, with my Nikon, i've had good results with bracketing but I'm wondering if i'll miss to much action while the sensor writes to the card ( i bought a Lexar 32X card). Any info or advice will be appreciated.



10-09-2004, 02:45 AM
Congrats its a great camera..
The new faster Venus engine 2 will help greatly @ the show with focusing and your skills with the nikon will help ..
32x lexar is fast well done 512mb i hope..
Im not spending your money here and the antishake will help, but a monopod to swivel the camera fast is v handy camera gets heavy !
monopod = one legged tripod
pan slowly..
or a take a (proper camera) beanbag / cushion if you find a wall to rest on..
plastic bag in case of rain..

try taking some moving birds today with diff modes (note a few down on paper) the aircraft will be a doddle on sunday..

use Zoom Auto Review to check focus of pics..

dont let the camera get cold or the battery will die.. faster
hope you fitted a UV filter its worth protecting that lens, 72mm with pana adaptor...

have fun :)