View Full Version : Strange behavior on LCD

Sym Heo
11-24-2005, 04:34 PM
Hi community

Generally, I'm impressed with capturing possibilitis of this little camera.

But one minor thing is puzzled me these days.
I bought my A200 month ago and now i noticed some weirdness it the monitor.
This behavior - is not so obvious to notice.
I ask you users of A200 to check it accurately folowing my steps.

If you will observe this behavior too, I will be sure this is not a malfunction of my camera.
Please remember that this test is in 'Normal record mode' only.

1) Give enough of time (30 minutes) to camera to be completely off.

2) Turn on your A200 and set from Menu #3 Monitor amp. to Normal.

3) From Function menu set Contrast to be less then 0 (-2 - -5).

4) Do not take the lens cap off the lens (this test is with lens closed).

5) Look attentively at LCD screen now and you notice no any hint of
noise on the black - it is almost black and perfectly clean.

6) Keep camera to be constantly powered on for 40 - 60 minutes,
dont let it go to power save mode.

Ok, after this time is gone, now it's time to look at LCD monitor again. Are you seeng the same perfect clean black screen? Or there is some sort of dot-colored noise flickering softly on the black background??

Please, do this simple 40-min. test just for to be sure I have not to take my camera to the service center!