View Full Version : SD cards for Canon S2 IS?

11-24-2005, 01:08 PM

I'm considering buying a Canon S2 IS, and looking at buying a memory card to go with it. I noticed in Jeff Keller's review that the S2 IS uses SD (Secure Digital) type cards.

I started a thread in the Canon forum about this:


If/when I get an S2 IS, I plan on using it for still-photos only, leaving it set at highest resolution all the time. I would not be using the S2 IS for movies. My thinking right now is a card with only 256-512 MB should be sufficient.

One poster in the Canon forum said (s)he uses SD cards from A-Data, a brand I've never heard of before. There was the repeated suggestion that a good card offers a spec of at least 60x, preferably 150x.

Who is A-Data? Are they the subsidiary of a well-known company, like Imation is part of 3M? Is this...


what these people are talking about?

I remember reading in the Canon forum that people determined that a certain brand of card (San Disk) was best for the S2 IS. Any feedback?