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11-14-2005, 11:30 AM
I took some pictures over the weekend, had three shoots to do. One was a play which I shot at ISO 500 and with a little Noise Ninja, the pictures came out wonderful (http://www.photosbyeye.com/11.11.2005.sdp/)

I had two horse shows Sat and Sun. It was an indoor arena which was horrible lighting. I had to use a ISO of around 500 - 640 and the pictures turned out semi good. Little blurry at times because of movement/action and I couldn't go much faster then shutter of 1/100. Had to process a bit with Noise Ninja and the darker areas (back ground) and such still didn't look to hot but all and all nice pictures. It seemed at that same horse show, the pictures I took outside @ ISO 200, I was still getting a bit of noise? I noticed I had to use Noise Ninja even on the ISO 200 which smoothed the pictures out a bit. Wasn't really bad, pictures still crisp and can blow up some nice sized prints. But I looked back to a few months ago when I took shots of my g/fs horses outside, and all those pictures I didn't have to do any adjustments to. Just some color correction, but no Noise Ninja cause the pics where absolutly clean.

The only thing is, I had less light outside during this weekend then the pictures I took a few months ago. So even outside, shutter of 1/500 and such, I will still get noise if there isn't enough light even @ ISO 200? Just strange, cause I have never had to do this. I did try my new lens (Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 EX DG APO). I havn't tried my new lens on a really lighted area though. So I dunno if its the lens? It looks just like the same noise I get when I do ISO 800, 1000, 1600, etc :P Same looking noise. So I don't think its the lens. Plus I got the same thing with the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 lens. But again, wasn't really lighted. So could that cause it? Just not enough light, even at ISO 200, will cause some noise?

PS? I will try getting some cropped samples afterwork (evening)...

11-14-2005, 03:54 PM
hey Eye,

I checked out your website you posted above, and its pretty cool. I downloaded Porta to make a photo album, but how do you host it on the web? Is there a service you are using ?

11-14-2005, 04:29 PM
Should be all XML. It creates an 'Album' folder, just upload everything in that folder up to the site folder. should work.

Also, you downloaded Simpleview & Porta right? If you have AIM or Yahoo, i can walk you through it. :P

11-14-2005, 05:30 PM
Thanks Eye!