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10-17-2005, 10:21 PM
Ok my camera is coming in tomorrow but a family member is currently using Canon Powershot Pro 1.

Its strange though because on her camera you can put a 52mm adapter on there. But if you put the UV filter on the end of it, the canon telephoto wont go all the way out!

She does have another adapter wide filter 52mm to camera which also comes to it, so shes would be forced to use this setup so her lens doesnt CRASH into the FIRST adapter/UV Filter...

"Camera" to "Wide adapter and shrinks to 52mm" to another "52mm to 52mm adapter" to "UV Filter" for protection!

This seems a very quirky setup and it got me worried that my new order of canon S2 IS may have similar problem?

Can anyone ease my mind a bit and enlighten me a bit more? Will my SINGLE 52mm adapter + UV filter from lensmate be able to extend ALL the way with adapter attached?

I presumed this was the case but watching my family members camera zoom DOUBLE the length of one adapter it would clearly be hitting against the UV filter if attached to that!

She just came in and showed me other issues with DOUBLE adapter attached for camera protection. Basicly the double adapter setup gives a HUGE vignetting issue, so clearly the filters werent even designed do be double mounted, yet single mounted causes issues with the camera lens banging into the first adapter...

Now all these worries are nagging on me and i dont want the same issues arising in my new purchase of S2 IS. Can the S2 IS have full telephoto zoom length WITH the single adapter + UV filter attached and not be bumping into it?

Does anyone have any experience with the canon powershot pro1 series and know any basic answers to the above problems? She would also love to keep the UV Filter + Adapter on all time for protection but due to the issues above its just not possible.

1. One Adapter + UV FIlter is to short, she gets issues with telephoto lens out banging into UV Filter.

2. Two Adapters + UV Filter is to is the right size, no telephoto hitting lense issues but now zoomed back there is HUGE vignetting issues... What the hecK?

Are these issues from a problem of cheap adapters? Just a known problem with powershot pro? Im lost meh~

10-17-2005, 10:42 PM
Stop worrying!

For the billionth time...

if you use the appropriate Canon or Lensmate adapter, the lens will never touch the attached filter...

Don't you think that if this were an issue with the S2 you would have heard people complaining about it?

10-17-2005, 10:47 PM
Ok just talked to her a bit more. Seems she had the Filter Adapter "FA-DC58A" that attaches RIGHT to the lens itself (if lens zooms out, adapter and any filters dangle RIGHT on the edge of it). But it was causing issues as the size was useless!

This setup was confusing for her because the filter adapter came in 58mm, while all her attachments and filters were 52mm. We came to the conclusion we can order her a 52mm to 58mm adapter ring, to go onto the small adapter lens end and then she will be able to attach a UV-Filter just fine for protection purposes.

This seems like the fix I wanted for her, that was stopping her from using a UV filter for protection all the time, but it still seems like only a half way fix.

My concerns are this now. We get her a using the FA-DC58A, with a step-up ring going from 58mm to 52mm with a UV filter at the end of that for protection. THis is all basicly dangling at the end of her extended lens.. Is it going to be safe to attach other filters onto which seem an already precarious attachment and it will be fine? Attachments that would go on the end may be the usual wide angle lens, or telephoto lenses which would seem to be putting a lot of white onto the extended camera telephoto lens / tip.

Would she have to remove the UV filter, step-up ring, DC58A and then put on a regular tubular adapter and then put telephoto lenses to that?

Seems like her camera would be causing her a lot of exchanging and time consuming issues if you ask me!

Again any one have any tips or info or quick fixes or just some experience to share with these issues, it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

10-17-2005, 10:51 PM
LoL ok JTL thanks for the update, guess its not an issue then! Just seemed so strange to be looking at a similar canon produc and see her lens extend double the length of MY adapter size and hers, where it would take 2 adapters to even put an attachment on!

Guess upgrades in technology means it doesnt have to zoom so far out to get its full telephoto length as the old canon powershot pro1 :) thanks :P

10-17-2005, 11:13 PM
The only combo she should use for the Pro1 is the LA-DC58C adapter and 58mm filters! Any other combo is a kludge...

Forget the step rings and invest in new filters, otherwise the vignetting will be horrible...why take a great camera like the Pro1 and cripple it? It doesn't make sense...

And, BTW, doesn't the Pro1 come with a filter adapter that allows you to put 58mm filters right in front of the lens? It seems like not shelling out a few bucks for the proper fitting 58mm filters is at the root of all this angst!

Sorry to sound so harsh...it just seems like a self-inflicted wound to me!:D