View Full Version : Concord Easy Shot Digital Camera included software!!!!

09-30-2004, 12:05 PM
I own a Concord Easy Shot Digital Camera (which is about the size of a credit card and connects to a PC using some type of USB port.) After I finished taking the ten or so total pictures that the camera could hold, I inserted the photo capture and editing softwre that came included with the camera, and after following the instruction manual procedure to the letter (which basicly tells me to install the software and to plug the camera into the PC) I pressed the photo icon to capture images from my camera. Instead, however, I got a dialog box saying that

'No avalable COM port can be shared to your camera!
or, your camera does not connect to the COM port!'

I've tried plugging the camera into all of the different slots that it could fit in, but no matter what, I still get the same message. I really want to enjoy this camera, but it's pretty much useless unless I can actually get pictures for it!

I hope somebody knows what I'm talking about.

P.S. This is the first time I've posted a message here, and I doubt that I'll be back here often. If possible, you can e-mail your response directly to me at keebler804@yahoo.com.