View Full Version : S70 optical focus problem

09-30-2004, 09:21 AM
I've been interested in purchasing a digital camera for a while and have been examining a number of models including ths S70 and the G6. I really really like the G6, but I do need a little smaller one for what I want to use it for (i.e. in my bike bag or in my jersey pocket for my trips). The S70 seems to be a good compromise.

I still like to use the optical viewfinder more than the LCD since it avoids problems with the ambient light conditions during viewing and it is easier for me to frame things, especially for moving objects.

But I have found consistent problems with two units of the S70 model. When zooming in on most things, whether it is 10 feet away or 30 feet away, more often than not, the optical viewfinder goes out of focus. In one instance, the shopkeeper was able to improve it by rapping the side of the camera relatively hard. He did say that the one unit apparently was defective and was sending it back to Canon. But I also found the other unit to be like this.

I also ran into someone on my recent bike trip who just bought an S70 and was also complaining about the optical viewfinder not staying in focus, especially when the camera was at its greatest 'zoom setting'.

I realize that the camera does not have a diopter correction, but I also don't need glasses for normal vision. I could probably use some reading glasses in low light conditions, though, (I am 46). But, I believe that if I can look at an object 10 feet away without the camera and see it clearly, it should also be clear looking through the viewfinder.

Am I missing something here? The shopkeeper tried to improve the viewfinder focus using various settings on the camera but couldn't do it. Is Canon shipping defective viewfinders or am I off-base on this? I have never seen such a problem on other cameras.