View Full Version : Just an invite to look at some car pics with my FZ10

09-29-2004, 07:38 AM
This is just an invite to go have a look at the shots I took with my FZ10. I'm just an amature, but since June04, I have taken over 1200 shots of just cars at local car shows. I love my FZ10 and with the zoom, I can get in close to the dashes and shoot emblems on the hoods of cars without having to lean on the cars. It's just great.


10-01-2004, 11:57 AM
:o Nice looking photos. I'm thinking of getting a FZ 20. I'm torn between it and a Canon G6. I don't know much about Panasonic cameras. Do you think they will hold up and well and how is the build quality. Any problems. By the way your website is very cool.

10-01-2004, 01:12 PM
I love the camera and no problems so far. Very good feel, menus are powerful and accessed quickly and easly (low learning curve). It's light, has manual everything including the manual focus ring around the lense(big plus here). I should add I shot everything in automatic focus and probably 1 in 200 pics shot were out of focus, more like due to my figiting.

Definate highlights are the Zoom. It's real good. But if it didn't have the stablizer(which also works real well) I would have had to looked elsewhere. You have to have a stablizer with a zoom like that, period (unless you like carting around a tripod).

Even in digital zoom mode 32X, pictures are sharp and predictable, deffinately inpart to the stabalizer.

It has lots of pluses worth looking indepth at, histogram(light and dark white balence meter to tell you if a shot is over or under exposed before you shoot), manual white balance(ever shoot under strange lighting(school gym as example), this will save you), Video with sound, burst mode, ect ect ect...

The bads,

At ISO 400, it's pretty noisy. Maybe this has improved in the FZ20 version?

It uses its own battery - on one hand this is good, it makes the camera lighter and the life is good. Lasts the whole length of shooting with a 256 meg card. (aprox 144-170 pics high res) Unfortunately, If you want another one its $40 US

The lens cap has no sting attached to it so when you take it off, put it away where you can find it (camera bag).

This was my first real digital camera and I felt it was worth every penny and would buy another in a heart beat ($800 canadian, about $550 US).

My best advice is to look at some reviews and compare side by side pictures and features. Remember, I am an amature but I do think this was a real good buy.

10-01-2004, 01:48 PM
I guess one more thing to add.

Know what you REALLY need before you buy, then lower it down between a few cameras based on image quality, features and your capability as a photographer. For me it was down to the Fuji FinePics 5500 (too noizey in the sky for me), Olympus C-750 (nice zoom, no stabalizer) and the Nicon Coolpics 5700 (nice zoom, not stabalized either)

Priority of the purchase was in this order...

Image quality, big zoom with stabalizer, megapixle 4+
I did not base my decision on namebrands. I based it on quality of pictures, features and READING LOTS OF REVIEWS.

Heard this in another forum...

"Every camera has its draw backs. Buy your camera based on it's strong points then work around it's weaker ones"

The FZ10 is very capable as a point and shoot but has lots of power for the pro. I'm sure the FZ20 is just as good or better. (sounds like an add don't it :)

10-02-2004, 10:33 AM
:D Thanks for the reply. I've researched the FZ 20 and gotten to see it physically and like the way looks and feels. I downloaded sample photos from it and the Canon G6 to compare as I'm looking at both. I also got samples of Canon 10d photos as a reference. All these cmae from this site so they were of the same shots at comparable exif info. I looked at them side by side in Photoshop and felt the FZ 20 was better than the G6 and close to the Canon 10D in overall quality. Of course at 100% and more the greater resolution because of MP value became apparent but I think the FZ had nice colors and overall feel. Coupled with the fact of having 12X zoom and IS I think I'm going with the FZ. I'll post some results when I get used to it. Once again great website and I love fast muscle cars!(Z28)

10-02-2004, 07:36 PM
I'm glad you enjoyed the site and the info. I know you will enjoy the camera so happy shooting! :)

10-03-2004, 06:34 AM
I Liked the photos, the cars even more, but try varying the angles more, i hated those shutters on viewer.. speed.. etc aarrgghh..
thnx tho.. :cool: m8