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Mike C.
09-28-2004, 09:58 PM
One more try.

I was all settled on the FZ3 at $330 until I was told in another thread that the F20 has now dropped to $500. Seems like I would be getting a lot more camera for $170 more .... am I correct?

Just a few questons:

1) The top end of the lens is fine but I wish it went just a bit lower say to (28 or 24 mm) for those indoor family pictures (never seem to get back far enough in a small room to get everyone in the shot). The Panasonic wide angle adapter lens is expensive. Since the FZ20 will blow my budge, I am looking for a cheep out. Will the cheaper Raynox work (I know they list one but maybe I should ask how well it will work ....about $120 with adapter tube)?

2) Will filters screw directly onto the camera? What size?

3) Can I use a standard manual flash (left over from my 35mm) on this unit (I am guessing I should use an adapter I found on the web to make sure the voltage is below 24 volts ... or ???)?

Finally is there a review on this camera? I didn't find one on the web and it seems from the posts I have read that one has not been done yet.

Thanks for all the help!

Mike :)

09-29-2004, 02:46 AM
I think FZ20 5mp will suit you better its more a MANS TOY.. Camera LOL
FZ10 is cheaper than FZ20 and has its own character mainly less noise @ 50 ISO
The FZ20 min is only 80 ISO
admittedly the 20 has new engine faster focus and stronger flash etc ETC
compare @ pana site link if you want to save nearly $100 more
I have FZ10.. wont upgrade till its 8mp @ least >> FZ50 hehe
look carefully :confused:
================================================== ===
FZ10 FAQ use this as your bible USE for FZ20 also
you need an adaptor all listed here then 62mm filters fit on the adaptor

you will find adaptors and diff W/A lens for FZ10

more lens here... avoid any with vignetting (dark corners)

canon make WD55.. i have the TL55 both @ amazon . com
btw most lens need step rings

theres a chart for most flash voltages on web
dont use YOURS unless your CERTAIN..

no 20 review yet but jeff jus posted a poss problem here @ 80iso on FZ20
10 is king no j/k

Mike C.
09-29-2004, 05:16 AM
Thanks for the info! I will read the entire site you liked me to in the last post but at first scan, I see there are cheaper options than the original Panasonic lens.

The only accessory I can't seem to locate is the remote. I see a wired remote is availible but don't find a listing for it on any site. Any suggestions where to find one.

Once again thanks for all the advice! I think the FZ20 is exactly what I am looking for!

Mike :)

09-29-2004, 07:49 AM
yes theres lots of lens options W/A, (my fav fish eye) or Tele and Macro..

Pana are dead slow with suppling extras specilly in uk, no (LTZ10 is best by far) here yet after a yr cheaper from europe for me anyway, so insist on the remote or extras etc when you buy..
they slow with firmware updates too.. gripe

Nikon make best SLIMLINE filters @ Huron Camera..get UV in place..save that lens..
I have 2 PA adaptors switch the whole thing over with lens/filter on :)

see jeffs post re the FZ20 iso prob here.. bugger !

Have fun :D

Mike C.
09-29-2004, 09:37 AM
When does a wide angle lens become a fish eye lens?

I guess what I am asking is what is a good mm for wide angle lens without distorting the photo too much (28mm, 24mm ...?)

The lens is 36 - 432mm. If I go X.66 I get 24mm. If I go x.7 I get 25mm. If I go x .8 I get 29 mm.

I am basing all this on a cheap 35 mm I have now. It is 38mm at the wide end and I seem to forever be backing up into some corner of a room to get everyone in. Same if I am in a museum, just can't get far enough back. I was hoping these wide angle attachments may help that without distorting the photo into a "fish eye" look.

Interesting about the "shake" look at low ISO. I hope he does not find any more "surpises". Maybe I should hold off till he publishes the review next week?

Thanks .... Mike :)

09-30-2004, 04:04 AM
Jeff reshot those pics shake is gone.. phew !

Boys toys..
you know its a Fisheye when you can see your shoes haha.. ol 180

this nikon FC-E9 is cheapest i found in uk.. 200quids

but i like RAYNOX mx-3000pro > SEMI < Fisheye lens also, 130quid
similar images to the DCR-FE180PRO Fisheye.. 340 quid
flowerbed examples <
I can create most effects in p/shop but 180 distorts. Jessops are agents to Raynox with 30 day return.. semi failsafe me thinks.

then as for W/A lens, im no expert here but 28mm seems min you can have without too much distortion
see these
Olympus WCON-08B looks best here, but there is lots of others..

so i compiled this FZ10-20.FAQ.txt in a zip..
covering most aspects with links/pics that i used to choose my lens..


your 1st :)