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Mike C.
09-28-2004, 06:44 AM

After posting a message about which camera to buy, I was convinced I should purchase the FZ3 (originally looking at Canon A85 or Kodak DX7440 ... wanted to stay in the $300 range).

Now, where do I puchace accessories (and for that matter what accessories).

All the sites I looked at offer only the camera.

I was hoping I could just go onto ebay and get a battery, charger/adapter and maybe a wide angle lens. No luck. Nothing listed under FZ3.

I was thinking of ordering the camera from Butterfly Photo. They have one of the better ratings (of the discount sellers). The only accessory they list is a battery for $70!

Does anyone have part numbers I should look for and where to buy them?

Also, should I put a filter on the lens? I remember (20 years ago when I use to play with a real 35mm) putting an "A1" filter every lens to protect them.

I see something called a nuetral density filter listed. Is this the same as an A1? Do I need some kind of adapter to put it on the camera.

Finally, what card to buy? I see some listed with no speed rating and others with a 60X rating. What does anyone recommend for this camera?

Thanks ..... Mike :)

09-28-2004, 08:27 AM
me agin :)
I supplied all the info you need on previous post here, thought u try the FZ20 so i based info on that but FZ3 is :cool: too


follow FZ FAQ

see battery barn etc they last longer than pana batts
yes.. get a UV / SKY filter..
no.. try ND filter later
buy any branded make SD card.. i have pana 256mb and few sandisk
look for deals
sorry ONLY FZ10/20 take optional lens..
lots more types avail http://www.pbase.com/10kzoomfz/fz10_comparisons_and_information

or you can search info on anything here

good luck n have fun
thas a real ale you owe me :cool:

09-28-2004, 09:18 AM

I agree with Jayde. You can find an extra battery at batterybarn. They have some pretty good deals. You won't need a charger--you can use the charger that came with your FZ3.

I have always put a skylight filter over all my lenses just as a cheap insurance policy against scratches. Some people use UV filters for the same reason. I have no good reason why I chose skylight over UV. Perhaps it was because the first time I bought one, the skylight was all they had in stock at the time. It's been so long that I don't remember. I have compared photos taken at the same time with each filter, and I didn't notice very much difference at all. If you get a filter, you will probably need to get a lens cap to go over it. I don't think that the cap that comes with the camera will fit over a 55mm filter.

Hold that thought! I just checked, and my lens cap does fit into the threads of a 55mm skylight filter. The lens cap fits into the inside of the threads instead of going around the outside. You need to install the lens hood adapter, and then thread the filter onto the adapter.

Mike C.
09-28-2004, 10:03 AM
1) does the 55 mm filter just screw onto the front of the camera or do I need an adapter?

2) So it is not worth spending the mony on a 60x card (use any good quality card no mater what the speed)?

3) does the optional adapter/charger allow you to charge the battery in the camera?

I truly did want the FZ20 but an extra $200 was more than my budget would stand.

Thanks .... Mike :) :) :)

Mike C.
09-28-2004, 10:34 AM
Forgot to ask, will FZ1 and FZ2 accessories (filters, batteries, ...) fit FZ3?

Thanks .... Mike :) :)

09-28-2004, 11:26 AM
FZ20 is $500 here :D

yes 55mm filter goes onto lens no adaptor reqd

High speed SD cards like the Sandisk Ultra II have a write speed of 10MB/sec. They write a high quality 5 shot burst away in about 2 seconds, a normal SD card takes 8 to 10 seconds to do the same. Also shot to shot speed will increase a little {if a high speed SD card is used}.
you can prolly find speed tests for other makes

no.. it doesnt charge up batts inside the camera.. get a spare or two
CHECK IT FOR FZ3 it will work but certainly bigger physical size than FZ3 base size..fits underneath etc on a cable link..

will FZ1 and FZ2 accessories (filters, batteries, ...) fit FZ3? ... yes


Mike C.
09-28-2004, 03:09 PM
For $500, I am now re-thinking my decision about the FZ20.

First, has anyone done a review on this camera?

I guess I have very few concerns as I'm assuming it is very simular to the FZ3 (with a few more features and 5 meg).

One question I have is the wide angle. Is 36mm enough? Will this work for most indoor family type pictures (birthday parties and such)?

Second question is about shutter lag. Since there is more data to process, is the shutter lag longer than on the FZ3 (is AF about the same)???

Sorry for so many questions.

Thanks again ..... Mike :confused: