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09-27-2004, 07:37 AM
Hi there

I was wondering if anyone knew if the Canon 300D/Digital Rebel was due to be replaced by an updated version/newer model?

I would like to take up photography as a hobby and was considering buying the Canon 300D. Here in Australia, Canon is offering $200 cash back upon purchase of a Canon 300D until 30 September - this Thursday!

I was wondering if they were offering this deal because a new model was wanting in the wings? I have heard the $200 cash back was offered to better compete with Nikon D70 (I think).

Can anyone tell me how long the 300D has been on the market? Also, are the Powershot Pro1 or G6 worth considering...main issue for me with digital cameras is shutter lag, hence shops have recommended 300D.

Many thanks

09-27-2004, 06:04 PM
as far as i know it MAY be getting replaced next feb. im tossing up between a 300d and the new pentax *istDS. the pentax is released in nov and is a direct competeter to the 300d. check it out on dpreview.com

10-10-2004, 01:44 PM
The DR has been around since August 2003 (well thats when it was announced). It was a supplement to the 10D, basically the same sensor and camera, but different body and less features (though with the firmware hack you can get most of those features back).
It was Canon's surprise to everyone in the DSLR world because its the first and only DSLR that can be had for under a grand. Shortly after the DR was released, the 10D went into retirement (which is still a darn good camera might I add you), and was replaced by the 20D last month (an even more incredible camera).
A black body for the DR is starting to leak out now in some countries, but I dont think its going to be 'replaced' anytime soon. I think there may be another Enthusiast-level DSLR coming up in the next couple months, but I may be wrong. The DR is still Canon's baby boomer, and its brought a lot more people into the DSLR world that likely would not have been able to afford the quality of a real Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (myself included).
Its a great buy, about 500-600 less than the 20D, and about 100-200 less than a 10D. If they are giving a 200 cashback in your area, I'd get it and use that money for a nice telephoto lens to start off with. Or you can spring for a 10D for about the same price off ebay. Either way, great value.