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Alex Beldock
09-21-2005, 01:20 PM
Greeting to all ,
I have a very formidable HP photosmart 318 [ that is, if a Dodge dart ( /6 ), is formidable ] . good practical sleepy little camera . Now it's time to sell and get serious for the long hall I plan to keep my next camera for a very long time , Why you may ask? because I like to have one or two great things and just keep them . I don't mind technology passing me by . After much research I've decided on (1) the FujiF810 or (2) Fuji F10 . Then for a Film Camera , the Mimya 6 . The F810 sounds particularly wonderful because of it's wide angle lens and more manual controls + better menu, picture quality should be about the same . Do you agree ?
What price would be rite to pay and , on-line... should be cheaper and safe ( us version w/ battery + memory card ) BUT Which on-line store is best and has it ? Is now the best time to buy before they start to get hot ?, ( this is a very new camera ) .
Alex Beldock . :cool: