View Full Version : Dazzle 6 in 1 Reader problem-HELP!

09-09-2005, 12:14 PM
I have the Dazzle 6 in 1 Reader-(21200) and it had been working fine till the other day. I run WIN98SE on my HP Pavilion 6540C. My PC had something happen to where I couldn't even get into Windows and I had to do run the HP Recovery Disk. This had never happened before.

I have had to re-install a lot of stuff and then my PC did a gradual hang. After a few hours the PC would have so many resources eaten up it couldn't open Mozilla again and it would lose time.

I did ScanDisk and then a Defrag and had to Ctrl+Alt+Del some programs to get it to run the Defrag right. The last one that must have been causing trouble was "USB Monitor." That is the program for the Dazzle reader.

I just checked and the reader wasn't working. Even with reinstalling the driver it wouldn't help.

I downloaded some things to try and help my PC situation. Maybe the download off of the USBMAN site helped.

I got the Setup to run finally on the Fujifilm SmartMedia reader (I used it before my daughter also got a camera) disk and that reader works fine through the same port. After that I tried to install the Dazzle reader again and followed the instructions...but no luck. The USB Monitor icon shows up in the tray and Device Manager says it is working, but I can't get the removable drives to show up at all. And trying to update the driver doesn't help.

What can I do? Has the reader crapped out already in just a few months? It sure hasn't been abused and was new straight from the package. I have written Zio and have gotten no response yet.

BUT, my PC is running normally again and not getting CPU's sucked off to where it had to be restarted. THAT was the problem. I just don't know what happened to make my PC lock up.

Would it be dangerous to try the Dazzle reader on my friend's PC?
Could I hurt it? I can plug the Fujifilm reader back in now and it recognizes it and its removable drive shows up. The Device Manager SAYS the Dazzle one is working when it is plugged in, but the removeable drives will not show up. It had never given us a problem before.

09-19-2005, 03:14 PM
Got it working again through my own efforts and looking online. However, then I found Nero wouldn't burn a CD copy correctly for the first time when my buddy wanted me to make one Saturday. I THINK I solved it after MANY hours, but whatever happened to my PC sure has caused some problems!!

Still getting a Windows 98 Startup Menu (black screen) instead of going straight into Windows. My attempts to solve that haven't worked. If I had to try reinstalling Windows 98SE again I'm afraid I would end up with another headache. Wish I knew a local computer genius.