View Full Version : canon a70 or a75

07-09-2004, 06:32 PM
nobody anwered my last thread so maybe this question will be easier. i can't decide between the canon a70 or the canon a75. i don't see much difference but the price (one is 20.00 more) and the included memory. 16mb vs. 32mb. is the extra 16mb worth the extra 20.00? and if you saw my last thread would you mind telling me which is the better camera canon s400/410, canon a70/75 or the nikon 3700. please help me. i have limited internet access so i need a response soon. Thank you!

07-10-2004, 01:26 AM
Well, here in the UK the choice is made easier by the bizarre fact that I can get the A75 cheaper than the A70.

Looking at the extra 16MB of memory on the card alone, I personally don't think it's worth paying extra cash for a measly extra 16MB as whichever of the 2 cards you get (either 16 or 32), you're still probably going to have to buy an extra 128MB card anyway....32MB is still too small to be enough, imo.

However, the A75 does have some slight improvements over the A70, highlighted in the review on this website. And in a few months time, after you've had plenty of enjoyment from your new A75, you'll have long since forgotten about $20.