View Full Version : TwinMos CF - Lexar FireWire reader incompatibility

08-28-2005, 08:50 AM
Just a quick note about something I ran into last night for the first time.

I had just acquired an EOS 20D yesterday, and went shooting with it at the IRL race at Sears Point. I loaded it with a TwinMos Ultra-X (70x) 1 GB card. Shot all afternoon, no problems.

When I got home, I tried reading the card with an older Lexar FireWire card reader (the version with the large translucent purple shell). No go. Mac OS X didn't recognize it, and wanted to format the card! I D/L'd the images through the camera's USB port instead.

I was worried that the problem was the 20D, since I had just bought it used that day. After some experimentation, I determined that the problem is between the TwinMos card and this particular reader. The card works fine in both my EOS 10D and 20D, and it's read (and written) correctly by a current model Lexar FireWire reader (the small one). My other CF cards, from Kingston and Transcend, work fine in all of the above.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with TwinMos CF cards?