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Mike C.
09-22-2004, 04:16 PM

I was not sure how many people read every topic so I am posting this here and on the Canon and Kodak forums (hope this is O.K. ... first time posting a question).

I've read reviews till I was cross eyed. I read message after message on this forum. I went down to the local camera shop and looked at both camera. I am still confured.

This will be my first digital camera (if you don't count my $50 "toy" eye-q).

I want a camera to replace my home "point and shoot" unit I use for the usual family gatherings and vacations.

I also wanted something with a few "bells and whistles" that will let me play a bit (still have an old completely manual Pentex K1000 I like to use).

The only other use I can see is taking "technical" pictures of projects I am building (next week I plan to rebuild a transmission and it would be nice to have a set of pictures so I remember how to put it back together).

My buget is very restricted. I want to spend $200 - $300 (plus I figure another $100 for memory and an extra battery).

After going over and over (and over) reviews, opinions, examples, ... I think it has come down to a Canon A85 or Kodak DX7440.

I leaned toward the Canon because of the CF card (from what I see one of the most popular formats), the standard AA cells (Ni-MH easy to get now and in the future) and it got good reviews. Also (and I know this is probably not true), I think of Kodak as a "cheap" camera.

The matter was complicated when I read about the Kodak DX7440. Although is uses a special battery and SD format, is as a 4X zoom (A85 has a 3X) and has a very little shutter lag (I always here about people with digital cameras missing that "special moment").

I have looked at both in person. Both look great. No local camera shop will let me try one.

Is there anything I am missing? Is there anything that would help me decide between the two? Is there any other unit I should be considering?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks .... Mike :confused:

Jeff Keller
09-22-2004, 05:35 PM
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