View Full Version : Your final choice please 7590 vs Z740

08-23-2005, 02:26 PM
Hi everyone !

I`m ready to buy my new camera now but i`m really doubting about these 2 (3).
I would really like your choice between the Kodak Z740 or the DX7590 (or Z7590).
My personal doubts are :

- Z740 is newer and a bit smaller
- The 7590 has a larger LCD and brighter (high res.) viewfinder
- Z740 has 2xAA batt.
- 7590 has lithium-ion rechargeable (my choice with an extra one).

I have read over and over again all the technical specs between those 2, there are some but not really many in my opinion.

I love to shoot some nice evening shots (yeah i know there are better ones ;) ) and mostly of my son (3 years and making some sudden moves ;) ).
I really want to have the oppurtunity to turn off the review after taking a photo , still using the LCD (i read the 7590 can do it).
I also want to learn more within the digital camera scene and my ambition is there.

Please give me your choice between those camera`s (with or without discription).

p.s sorry for any english typing mistakes....i`m from the Netherlands :rolleyes:



08-23-2005, 05:16 PM
I would choose the Z7590 over the Z740.