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09-22-2004, 06:35 AM
Reposted in Panasonic forum as suggested George, thnx for your info again re the zoom lens too..

09-22-2004, 07:46 AM
I am seriously considering buying a fish eye lens (i always wanted one) but to possibly save money i found a semi fisheye instead, what I`m wondering is will the effect be much different, it looks same here but am i missing something ?
Quality maybe ?
but the pics here look similar altho not v large to judge them..

scroll down flowerbed pics

Does anyone here, have experiance/knowledge with a RAYNOX mx-3000pro semi fisheye lens ?
Raynox DCR-FE180PRO Fisheye lens.

I Used this Raynox link for reference point..

In fact the cheapest Fisheye I fancy is the Nikon FC-E9..

and yes.. its for the FZ10 and Raynox says both will work ok..

Any help plz
Cheers :)

mx-3000pro semi is priced at 139.99
and the
dcr-fe180pro is priced at 329.99.

The Nikon FC-E9 is 200 quid

Hi Jade, Sorry I can't answer this one.

If you take this request to the Panasonic page you will probably get a much faster answer. Don't forget to delete the page here after you re-post.