View Full Version : EX-Z750 vrs EX-S500

08-17-2005, 06:39 AM
These are the 2 cameras with the new MPEG layer 4 continous movie capabilities. I read this sites reviews thoroughly and it clearly states that the EX-Z750 takes better pictures (aside from the extra 2 megapixels). Anyway, I'm not any sort of pro photographer and I have been a long time user of various Exilim card cameras. I was about to order an EX-S500 when I read the reviews on this site.

Anyway, I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice the better picture quality for the card size that I have grown to love. Most of my pictures are just inside at parties and usually not big fancy landscape portraits. It's either the EX-Z750 which is slightly bulkier but would take better pictures that I might not be able to see the difference in, or the EX-S500 which is slimmer and might take completely satisfactory pictures.

Any advice or tidbits on either of the cameras?

08-18-2005, 05:05 AM
I'm struggling with the same issue. I'm now bothered by the bad picture quality review from this site.

I now have the s100 and I'm not really sorry I bought it but I'm looking for a faster lense which the s500 offers. Based on that alone the picture quality should be good enough for my needs but I have no way in determining that. I do take a lot of low light/ indoor pictures but I still believe that 2.8 lense on the 500 should make things better for me.

My most important issue is the body thinkness adn I just love something near 1/2" to carry around 100% of the time so a 3/4" body is almost totally out of the question even though it's pq is better.

08-18-2005, 09:23 PM
i'm pretty sure i've read everywhere that the Z750 is a better camera and takes better photos...but the S500 is sooo slim that's why i want it too! I would recommend going to some other camera forums such as www.dpreview.com cause I've asked about the picture quality from users there and they say it is way better than the pictures posted here at dcresource. Plus look at reviews at CNet...it gave them a rating of 7.0 which is not too bad... I've heard that the S500 pic quality is better than the S100 though...so it might be a good upgrade. I'm going to be upgrading from the canon S200 so the S500 has a way better video mode, shutter lag, smaller size, better battery life, and larger lcd...but the canon is pretty old...