View Full Version : Is the Nikon 8700 better than 995, 4500 for close up shots

09-21-2004, 08:52 AM
For close up pictures, Is the Nikon 8700 a better camera for crisp clear images
for close ups? Is it better than the 995 or 4500? Which camera is best
for close up macro shots. The nikon 4500, 995 or 8700?
I know the 8700 is the most expensive with more features with its
8X lens. Does having a bigger lens introduce more noise for the 8700
in close up shots? What does lens size do for you in a camera? Does
having a bigger lens make more noise in the images?
I was looking at micky mouse in the reviews and it looks like the
995 makes the sharpest most clear close-up image. If it beats the other to
higher end cameras for close ups. Why does it do that? I am a beginer
and I am looking for a good camera for close up pictures.
thank you,