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08-15-2005, 08:40 AM
Even though I already bought it and LOVE it, can't wait till tomorrow and Jeff's review of Kodak v550, I'm very curious to see his oppinion, as Steve liked it. But Jeff runs these cool tests, night shot, red eye, etc, slightly different approach in general.

08-16-2005, 09:06 AM
Well Jeff has confirmed that this is indeed a good camera with the exception of battery life (I bought a spare at the same time with the camera because I already knew that). Hell, I'd give up battery life for beautiful LCD which probably eats most of energy because of high res. I don't regret buying this camera for a second.

08-16-2005, 12:14 PM
c0mrade, what made you decide this camera (over the gazillion out there)? Did you consider the

EX-Z750 - Seems to offer so much.

EX-Z57 - ?

F10 - Looks great, only thing that sets it apart in my mind is the ISO1600...I suppose that wasn't of interest to you, though...?

SD300 - Such a great little camera. Only concern I have is no sports mode...does that matter much in a small camera like this?

If you considered those camera's at all, why did you rule them out?

I've been looking to replace my S200, but haven't decided with what yet...So, I'm curious what your thought process was :)

08-16-2005, 12:58 PM
You are absolutely right, and I have definately looked at all of those mentioned plus more. This process is painful and long.

Casio z750 - this was the top contender along with Casio s500. I almost bought z750 at one point of time, but the infamous "lens error" just made me go against it. I just don't think I should be taking any risks of permanenately damaging my camera by "accident" (and I know there are so called work arounds) when I dump $400 on the camera. It IS a great piece, manual controls, plenty of scene modes, great movies, etc, etc. Casios in general recently started using their own lens which hasn't gotten any rep yet as well. s500 was another contender, and the size of it was even more attractive to me, as my purpose for camera was always on the go anywhere, I am a DJ and go to all kinds of shows all the time. I also was looking for camera for great night shots (which is what we'll come to later). So, s500 great little camera, no manual controls (I wasn't looking for any). But fairly bad image quality by Jeff's review, and some other responses made me decide against it, as well as the great deal I was getting on Kodak actually. Z57 did not get great reviews, and is getting out dated, I wanted something new. Also I should mention that Mpeg-4 was one of the biggest deciding factors as well.

Fuji F10 - great camera, but I haven't even looked into it because it was just too big for what I needed. I wanted a totally pocketable camera. Looked at Fuji Z1 as well, but movie mode on that camera is useless.

Canon - well, small LCD that cracks by numerous responses to it, lack of scene modes, and no manual controls? not Mpeg-4 movie mode. For some reason my heart never lied towards Canon in anything, I always bought HP printers instead of Canons :)

I also looked at Panasonic cameras, and decided against them because of movie mode once again. However, the OS system on them is just such a beauty. Nikon ultra compact camera just pretty much is useless. Sony ultra compacts out of the question (I HATE PREPRIOTARY TECHNOLOGIES). Samsung Digimax i5 was interesting little cam. Olympus 800 was one of the chioces, but once again, the factor was a bit too big for me.

Now, I should probably tell why I chose Kodak. It's got the best LCD screen in class 2.5" with 230k res, bright and colorful, works well in bright light, and dark conditions (it gains up). This however consumes more energy, which makes this camera one of the worse in battery life, but on practice I took around 150 shots using LCD and battery light just came on, which means I still have a bit less than half of charge left. The lens on this camera is awesome, Schneider lens are known for good quality, and have been around plenty. I loved ease of use, speed of operation. It features ISO 800 but only with 1.9MP, but only other camera that has that was Fuji F10, which was too big for my needs. The camera also has optical viewfinder, Fuji didn't, Casio z750 and Canon s300 did, z57 didn't. The superb movie mode on this camera was one of huge factors, I compared movies with well praised Casio s500 and z750 samples, and just simply liked it better, there was no ripple effect in highly dark areas like Casio cameras showed. I can also optically zoom in during the video, which only Samsung Digimax i5 can do, but it mutes sound when it does it, which Kodak doesn't. There are a bit less scene modes on Kodak, but if you really look into all these 30 something scene modes on Casio camera, you can combine bunch of those together, and comon, are you really going to EVER use all of those? Kodak has excellent to surprise macro mode. The anti-shake DSP in movie mode is amazing, and works extremely well. Movie mode on this camera is amazing. Perhaps the only feature that i'd like to have on the camera that this one doesn't is optical image stabilization, but only panasonics managed to put it in that small of package. I love full metal body, sturdy design. I like EasyShare software it comes with, very easy to use, no hussle with sharing pics, or editing them, it can do quite a lot in few steps. I like slightly oversaturated colors, but with Kodak science you get amazing real photos. At the end it came down to be between two cameras for me, Kodak v550 and Casio s500, I chose Kodak because of better image quality. The anti-shake DSP on casio s500 in shooting mode simply boosts ISO up higher like Fuji F10 does, adding noise to pictures, I don't know if I really want that, it's not "real" IS :) All around, this camera performs well in dark, as I mentioned I go to shows, I perform, and it's mostly dark, club atmosphere. The long exposure mode on this camera allows to take great shots even without much manual controls. The only other cameras that can do that out of the list is F-10 (great night performer) and z750 (of course with manual controls). I also just think that Kodak is on a high rise right now, they are becoming a hefty player in the market, in fact #1 in US :) They are innovative, the p850 and p880 coming up seem like awesome little toys, I'm thinking of getting 880 when it comes out to have a high zoom camera. I went to the zoo this weekend, and just shot everything in auto mode, I should probably put some pics up for you to see, it did extremely well. Hope this helps somewhat.

08-16-2005, 01:12 PM
lol, great review! Thanks. If you do get any pics up, I'd surely take a look.

Will put the V550 at the top of the list and review my options again :)

08-18-2005, 09:09 AM
Yes, thanks again c0mrade. I was somewhat regretting not getting the Casio z750, especially after I saw posts where you could get it for around the same price as what we paid for the V550 using Dell coupon juggling... I'm still waiting for my V550 but your love of this thing plus Jeff's review makes me feel somewhat confident I made the right choice. Let me know if you post any of the zoo pics - btw, just curious. which zoo???

08-18-2005, 11:03 AM
Yes, thanks again c0mrade. I was somewhat regretting not getting the Casio z750, especially after I saw posts where you could get it for around the same price as what we paid for the V550 using Dell coupon juggling... I'm still waiting for my V550 but your love of this thing plus Jeff's review makes me feel somewhat confident I made the right choice. Let me know if you post any of the zoo pics - btw, just curious. which zoo???

Omaha Zoo in Omaha, NE. I believe it's 3rd largest in US, we got some nifty stuff there, that's for sure. Great jungle and aquarium. I haven't had time to sit down and put some pictures up, but I'll try to do it tonight.

As to Z750, I thought about it for long time as well. Why should I remember to switch it to some other mode every time? Why should I keep in my mind that this expensive piece of equipment could possibly open in my pocket or something. It's annoying when I spend that much money on it. It IS a great camera, and it IS extremely tempting, I mean comon, 7MP with AWESOME movie mode, and manual controls, as well as optical viewfinder, and great battery life... I however was looking for something different, if I want manual controls camera, I would go for something bigger, some long zoom or something, I AM looking at new upcoming 880 Kodak for that BTW. The beauty of 550 is that it produces great images in full automatic straight out of the camera 90% of the time.