View Full Version : G6? S70? vs A95? --My Mistake. Ooops.

09-19-2004, 02:42 PM
In several posts and replies, I had been touting the PowerShot G6 over the A95, because of what I'd seen in sample photos. Last night I discovered the sample photos that I had bookmarked (and had been referring to in all these posts) were from the 7MP Powershot S70, not the 7MP G6.


So, upon reviewing the "correct" G6 samples, I now agree with CanonManiac and others: The purple fringing (though often minor) seems to be very similar between the G6 and the A95. And, I also agree that the noise is a bit more noticeable in some samples of the G6 as compared to the A95.

So, why did those S70 samples turn out so great? Just lucky shots? I mean, you wouldn't think a compact S70 would do so well.