View Full Version : Nikon or Imacon or Minolta for me?

08-05-2005, 12:59 AM
Hello Photo Heads!

I need some advice on buying a new film scanner. Here's my situation:

For the first time in twelve years, I'm having an exhibition and need to dig deep into my pre-digital files for my material- a mixture of negs and slides, all 35mm. I currently have the older Nikon Coolscan IV, which is fine, but the 2900 resolution really limits the size of the prints I can make, about 8x12". Ideally, I'd like to be able to make fine quality 16x20" prints.....

I've looked at the Nikon LS5000 and the Minolta 5400 and have even considered trying to source a second-hand Imacon. While I have a huge number of shots to scan, I'm not so concerned about the scanning time factor as I intend using a second Mac to be working exclusively on this task. Neither am I too worried about the ICE facility as I think I'd prefwer the scan times to be quicker and do the retouching on the comparatively small number of shots selected for the show.

I'd appreciate any light you guys could throw on my dilemma.


Dublin, Ireland.