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07-28-2005, 11:42 AM
hello, friends, this is my first thread on your forum. I hope i will meet what i am expecting.

Well, this query is for EXPERTS who knows every thing about everything like...

Aperture , Shutter Speed, CCD , Focus , Flash Setting , etc. of Digi Cam.

Well, Friends,

My broher gifted me a " Olympus C- 725 Ultra Zoom Digital Camera '

I am completly Enexperinced Fellow for Photography but after getting the camera , i have one ultimate desire to be a good photographer.

So please, EXPERTS ,

Explain me every thing in detail.....

What are the Following settings in Olympus Camera and how these settings should be configured to the optimal to get the best pictures...

1. Aperture ,

2. Shutter Speed,


4. Focus ,

5. Flash Setting

6. Macro


It is up to you guys how long i be the part of this great site ?

If you give me what i am looking for then may be there would be one day, i will be ahead of all to help all needy guys will visit this site.

Thanks & Regards :rolleyes:

07-28-2005, 01:24 PM
Wow! That's a loaded question! :)

The safe bet is "auto" then no worries about the other stuff. Really it depends on the subject and environment, would need many more details to answer those questions.

One thing that you can do that will answer many questions is the manual, download one here, http://www.olympus.co.jp/en/support/imsg/digicamera/download/manual/

07-29-2005, 11:01 AM
Steve's Digicams has a dictionary availible at:
We'd have to write a book here to tell you what all of those terms mean and settings for your particular camera!
Olympus has a tutorial site for the C-740 at:

Geoff Chandler
07-29-2005, 06:12 PM
I expect the C-725 is similar to the other Ultra zooms.
Yes - get started in Auto until you are used to framing your pictures and zooming etc.
Next try Program - then you should be able to make some of your own adjustments - so you can make a picture a bit brighter or darker ( check out compensation in your manual).
Also - have a look through the menus and get used to finding your way around. I tend to turn down the contrast and sharpness a bit on my C-740 as it seems a littl over processed at the default settings - you may want to try it out for yourself - but maybe not yet!
Apertures and Shutter speeds.
Crumbs - maybe you should get yourself a good little camera book - take a look at Gary Hendrix site (see his stuff in the tips section)
Correct exposure is made up of the combination of how large the apperture ( the hole behind the lens to let the light in) is and how long the shutter stays open. if the shutter stays open too long you get camera shake. If you use a large apperture you get less depth of in focus image. It's a balancing act - best to save all that untill you have played with the camera for a while and read up a bit.
Good luck

07-30-2005, 03:41 AM
Thank you Very Much for Your Reply
You all are right at some extent
So let me make my loaded question precise and short
Infact, I can set almost everything in settings but the following 3-4 Settings make me perplexed completely.

1. P/A/S/M

2. Flahs Intensity :- It lies between -2EV to +2EV

3. BKT [ WHAT IS IT ? ]

4."Macro /Spot Button" on Back Side of the Camera.

5. '"Flash/Protect Button" on Back Side of the Camera.

Please , if you can

then recommedn me , For outdoor as well as indoor, What value of Flash Intensity i should set ?


2 .What is the fuction of Macro/Spot Button?

3.In Sunlight , Tubelight, Bulblight and in clouds, What is the setting of Flash ?

Let me tell you ,

I took the pictures of same object in the following three Picture Modes...

1. My Setup

2. P/A/S/M



Now ,what really surprised me perhaps will suprise you too,one photo was overexposed with Excessive whitebalance, second photo is more dark and gloomy like no Flash Lit , and one also was not near to expectations.

I mean to say some time in AUTO Mode, Results are not satisfactory too.

A few months back i had a Sony CyberShot DSC - something , digi cam with 3 MP and 3 Optical Zoom. That camera had also the same Picture modes, but i did not face these problems in that camera. I still remember, i used to take pictures in AUTO Mode and Results ? - Results were mind blowing. I bought this camera because of it's 8X optical Zoom.

I Don't know what is wrong , where is wrong .

Any way, Friends, i hope in this thread i explained my problem more effectively, so please suggest some good Outdoor/ Indoor Setting of Flahs, BKT, Aperture,Flash and Macro etc.

thanks & regards.

Geoff Chandler
08-02-2005, 04:53 PM
I wil reply to some of your questions: -

1) P/A/S/M P = Program - it's almost like Automatic, except you can adjust a few things - like the exposure for example (plus or minus)
ASM come as 3 options ( i think in one position) A= Apperture Priority - means you select the Apperture (F2.8 - F 8 where F8 is a small hole for less amount of light coming in so you have to leave the shutter open longer)
S= Shutter priority - you choose the Shutter speed and the camera chooses the Apperture (opposite of the Apperture priority)
M = Manual - you select both Shutter and Apperture ( leave this till later)
2) Flash intesity - how much flash strength do you want? Sometimes if you only want a little bit of extra light you use a lower setting flash just to fill in.
3) Macro spot button - dual use button - toggles beteen normal, Macro or Spot metering as a quick access button. Super macro has to be selected from within the menus.
5) Flash protect - I think is a release button to open the flash - so you can hold the flash OFF by Not using this button - the flash will only fire if it is popped up.
My Setup - is to save favourite settings - experiment first then you have to go into the menus to set up your My Mode settings
As for flash settings - if you use the flash in Tungsten White setting you will get a blue picture.

as for pictuers and expectations - in Auto it can be fooled - if there is excessive light or dark in the picture it will expose wrong a it calculates for 18% grey over the whole scene - if a lot of very bright sky is in the viewfinder it will darken everything down to compensate - that is why you have exposure ompensation to counteract that.
Oh well - I expect someone else willchip in - but I am out of time now
I hope that this has been some help