View Full Version : CANON iMAGE GATEWAY w/ A95

09-17-2004, 11:05 AM
I just recently purchased the A95, and I am enjoying it very much (my first digicam!). When researching, I read the following in an A95 review posted at Steves-digicams.com:

Also a free membership is included to Canon's online CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, with 100 Megabytes of free storage space for online album storing and sharing. Users can upload favorite images and now movies to the site and then direct friends and family to individually secure online 'albums'.

There was nothing in the supplied docs or online regarding this iMAGE GATEWAY. Anything I found on the web was directed to European customers... nothing for guy in Arizona. Does anyone have any info on the membership? This wasn't the deciding factor in purchasing this camera, but I still think it would be nice!

Thank you!