View Full Version : The new Nikon D2X

09-16-2004, 09:04 AM
Jeff, This is a very impressive camera for ~$5000 (price according to Rob G's preview). It's nice to see that Nikon is not taking the Canon challenge lying down. It will be interesting to see how they got around the smaller pixel "noise" effect as Canon is using a full-frame 11MP sensor in the 1Ds ($7999) and an APSC+ (1.3x) 8MP sensor in the 1D MKII ($4499).

Nikon has taken aim at the best points of both Canon pro cameras and provided them in a single package AND at the lower price-point. The dual image size high speed mode is very interesting, and innovative. 12MP @ 5fps, and 6MP @ 8fps! Not too shabby. So now if you want to be a portrait photographer when you're not on field assignment, or shooting sports, you only need one camera. This really is a big deal, assuming the sensor is up to snuff...

The pros that have stayed with Nikon may finally be rewarded with what appears to be the new leader of the pack. After the D70 I would expect nothing less, and while Nikon may be 6-8 months behind, they always seem to bring out an improvement over the competition. Makes me wish I had $5K hanging around.

The 20D is still a pretty impressive package, but I would be willing to bet that with the flagship D2X now going to production that the D200 (?) is right around the corner.