View Full Version : Kodak Z7590 and filter adaptor ring

07-22-2005, 02:54 AM
I have a new Kodak Z7590. It is doing something I don't understand. I have the adaptor ring to use 55 mm filters. My thought is to leave the ring on and just pop which ever filter on when I need it. My question/observation is this.
Why should the filter adapter ring on the camera, without any filter attached, cause a picture to be severely underexposed when the same picture under the same lighting conditions and camera settings is exposed just fine without the adapter ring?

The one thing I have noticed is that this is far more pronounced under lower light conditions where a flash is required i.e. indoors, but in bright daylight the difference is hardly detectable. My interpretation of this effect is that some how the adapter ring is interfering with the camera's light meter. But this doesn't make sense if all light metering is through the lens as the specs indicate, so a simple tube around the perimeter of the lens shouldn't cause this.

Does any one have an explanation for this?

I have tried to call the Kodak customer service line but only hung up in frustration with their service.

Thanks Craig