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07-15-2005, 08:53 AM
I recently bought a 2.2x opteka telephoto lens. Indoors the lens basically kills all light and i get a black square instead of a picture (relatively low light) now typically why would i use a telephoto lens indoors? probably never will! however, I bought the camera for my website, www.go-bengals.com, i will be traveling to all 16 NFl football games this year, some during the day in sun, some suring the day in clouds, some in domes, some in the snow, and some at night with stadium lights, anywhere from front row from field to upper deck.

there are a few galleries on the main page of the site that i took with the camera, before i had the zoom lens, and i had some trouble from the long distance getting decent lighting unless it was sunny out, the landscape setting seemed to give me the best results. I am basically a first timer with a decent camera and know little to nothing of photogrophy in general, i have heard mention of shutter spead or this or that..

anyone have a "for dummies" explanation of what will help in those different situations for getting the best photos.

they are mainly for web use so brightness and zoom are the important parts, i doubt i will be printing these for anything.. and with my shaky hand thats probably a good thing!

thanks in advnace.

Cold Snail
07-15-2005, 09:24 AM
I am currently writing a full guide to Kodak EasyShare cameras, but I'll give you the best settings for your needs now.

First of all, dump that lens and get an Olympus TCON-17. It doesn't have as much reach as your current lens, but it doesn't lose any light either.
Next set the camera to "A" mode, keep the f number set to f/3.7 and select ISO200 in the menus and fire away.

I posted a few tips Here (http://www.myfreebulletinboard.com/f2/1-forum-23.html) with some samples, have a look when you get a spare 2 mins.

07-17-2005, 10:52 PM

i will give it a shot tomorrow, going to a baseball game under the stadium lights will simulate the football conditions pretty well..

thanks again for your help!