View Full Version : DIGIBEST has changed its name to SUNLIGHTICS

jim fleeb
09-13-2004, 09:43 AM
Same M.O., same folks. Do a google search on "Finetronics" or "Digibest" before you send in your money.


10-01-2004, 12:14 PM
Let me tell you it's a scam! I am Christine Gauthier. A month ago I noticed two charges on my credit card that I did not make, both to gandi.net for two domains. Sunlightics.net and .com
Gandi would not reverse the charges even after I told them someone had illegally used my card. So my credit card company is looking in to it. And I've spoken to the police and they know it's a scam. Apparently it's happened under different names and other people have been screwed like me with the domain registrations too.

But gandi has been NO HELP. And I am not happy that my info is the contact info for these scam artists. ANyone who thinks calling me or harrassing me will solve anything is going to be disappointed, and if there are moderators on this board I hope you will remove my info.
I've been screwed here too but I will not tolerate any harrassment over it. I am just as angry as anyone who's been scammed by this. I hope nobody buys anything from these people.
I sent them an email under a false name to see if they would tell me who owns the company and they said the president is someone named Derek Tarakaas. I'm sure it's not a real name.

jim fleeb
10-02-2004, 07:41 AM
I am sorry that you have been taken in by these scum. As the "owner" of the site, it would be great if you could help out by shutting thses guys down.

Gandi will not respond. Other "owners" have tried and they get no response. Gandi is the registrear of the site names, but not the company that HOSTS the sites (mnakes them appear on the internet).

Please write an email to the HOSTING company (for Sunlightics.com its abuse@hostrocket.com and for sunlightics.net it's john@hostrocket.com and abuse@hostrocket.com) and demand that as the registered owner of the site whose credit card info was compromised that they shut down the site.

Pass this info onto your credit card company and have them do the same thing.

You are also listed as the owner of ANOTHER scam site (SLANDWATCHES.NET) that is preying on folks who want to purchase top end swiss watches.

They too are hosted by Hostrocket. Please send the same demand email to john@hostrocket.com and abuse@hostrocket.com

Good luck and thanks in advance.