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07-06-2005, 06:07 AM

The *istDs Sample Shots posts, in particular, WightWalker's photo's, bowled me over and acted for me as the best possible camera review. These posts reduced my dslr shortlist to one, the Pentax *istDs.

I have now placed an order for the Pentax *istDs. :D
I do wish that I could also place an order for WightWalker's expertise and artistic skills!

My dslr choice was also influenced by the cameras diminutive size and the fact that I already have various Filters that can be used with the *istDs along with the SD memory card and AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, thus requiring less cost outlay.

My present equipment includes the Metz 54 MZ-4 Flashgun that I use with the Panasonic FZ20. This flash accepts different adapters to suit the various Major Manufacturers Camera models. Unfortunately, an adapter for the Pentax *istDs capable of using the TTL flash of the *istDs is still in the design stage by Metz. Meantime, I intend to use this flash with the basic ISO hot shoe adapter that is compatible with the *istDs.

Will an owner please confirm that the *istDs is fitted with the basic ISO hot shoe?

07-18-2005, 01:57 AM
I'm not sure if this answers your question specifically but it might help.

According to the manual: Hot shoe with X-contact, which couples with Pentax dedicated auto-flashes, ISO range = P-TTL:200-3200/TTL:200-400. Automatic flash, red-eye reduction, flach function, high-speed-sync, wireless-sync with Pentax dedicated flash.