View Full Version : Comparison : Sanyo Quick Chargers

09-13-2004, 01:40 AM
Hi guys,

After reading countless super reviews on Sanyo NiMH batts, I've decided to get some of my own. But currently there are 2 gd Sanyo chargers to choose from (Not considering Maha cos too ex)

The NC-MQH01-UEX-SS is a super quick charger (70min 2 batts), but one without the trickle charge function (pls correct me if Im wrong).

The NC-MQR03-UEX-SS charges slower (115min 2 batts) but boasts the trickle charge, and also the refresh function. But I've read somewhere that NiMH batts do not have 'memory effect', thus rendering the refresh function useless.

Need some advice on those that know more about this. Thx guys!